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three. Physics & Chemistry A group of objects relevant by linearly various successive discrepancies in sort or configuration: a radioactive decay series; the paraffin alkane series.

With more improvements than some other auto in its class along with a prosperity of athleticism, the seven Series simply can take the pole situation for the future of luxury vacation.

adjective eleven. Electric power. consisting of or owning part parts linked in series: a series circuit; a series generator.

"With somewhat Assistance From My Good friends" is really a track published by the Beatles (and expertly included by Joe Cocker) and it could quickly be the subtitle for your 30 moment comedy, "Pals". In 1994, the idea was made for "Pals": a clearly show about six good friends in Ny because they navigate their way through daily life and discover how to develop up since they technique their thirties. All, with the assistance from each other to receive them throughout the hurdles that daily life Obviously has for us. Monica is definitely the excessively neat and arranged "more mature sister" with the team, who performs as a chef although craving to search out her perfect like.

series - (electronics) link of elements in this type of method that current flows initial by means of just one after which you can through the other; "the voltage divider consisted of the series of mounted resistors"

Coulson shortly recruits a civilian Laptop or computer hacker known only as Skye, a mystery female by having an unfamiliar past.moreless

A bipolar CIA operative gets to be certain a prisoner of war has long been turned by al-Qaeda and is particularly planning to carry out a terrorist attack on American soil.

Samples of this series consist of will work in the Chronicles of Narnia, the place the fifth e-book revealed, The Horse and His Boy, is in fact established through the time of the 1st book, as well as the sixth ebook revealed, The Magician's Nephew is in fact established extensive ahead of the first ebook. This was done intentionally by C. S. Lewis, a medieval literature scholar. Medieval literature did not constantly inform a Tale chronologically.

The complete of the not happy affair appears to are actually a series of misunderstandings. In the sector of financial phenomena we understand a series of situations uniformly serving our pursuits and call that uniformity a law. But both equally the series of acts as well as the intent are per se indifferent. From the series of wonderful experiments, wherein they were being designed to move among the atoms of the crystal, we learned their duration. In consequence with the series of storms, he was almost three months in achieving the western extremity of Lake Ontario.

Should the sum of the series need to be smaller sized as opposed to sum of An additional series that converges, then that series have to converge as well. Is sensible, no? This Idea, and similar ones, are at The idea from the comparison convergence exams.

Supernatural capabilities stars Jensen Ackles check here and Jared Padalecki as Dean and Sam Winchester, two brothers who journey the place hunting for their missing father and battling evil spirits together how. Sam Winchester can be a higher education college student sure for law faculty, identified to escape his spouse and children's previous - in contrast to his older brother, Dean. At any time considering that they have been little their father has long been consumed by having an obsession to find the evil forces that murdered his beloved wife, in end result recruiting and coaching his two younger sons to assist him in revenge. They have got developed up as hunters in the supernatural. Sam escaped beneath the premise of going to varsity, and now has a contented daily life along with his girlfriend, Jessica, along with a promising long run career.

The Behavioral Analysis Unit includes an elite group of FBI profilers who review the state's most twisted criminal minds and anticipate their following moves before they're able to strike yet again.

syn: series, sequence, succession are phrases for an orderly pursuing of issues just one following A different. series is placed on a number of items of the exact same type, usu. linked to one another, organized or taking place to be able: a series of baseball online games.

A drama centered on the private and Skilled lives of five surgical interns as well as their supervisors.

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